RED is for sexual love, lust, passion, fire, willpower, courage, energy, strength, anger, blood, life cycle, desire, war.

ORANGE is for courage, pride, ambition, enthusiasm, energy, friendship, communication, success, opportunities, attraction, willpower, sun, adaptability, zest for life, imagination.

YELLOW is for joy, vitality, intelligence, study, persuasion, charm, creativity, communication, sun, mind power, psychic ability, attraction, examinations and tests.

GREEN is for abundance, growth, healing, prosperity, fertility, employment, luck, jealousy, personal appearance, neutralizes difficult situations, calming, finances, security, career.

BLUE is for truth, tranquility, protection, hope, honor, change, psychic abilities, sleep, dreams, peace, healing, fidelity, unity, astral projection, virgin goddesses, wisdom, knowledge.

PURPLE is for growth, self-esteem, psychic ability, insight, inspiration, spirituality, success in business, power, mild banishings, ambition, inner strength, physical fitness. 

PINK is for compassion, tenderness, harmony, affection, love, romance, spiritual healing, spring, household peace, honor, virtue, morality, success, contentment.

BLACK is for divination, banishing, absorption of negative energy, protection, binding, limitations, loss, confusion, defining boundaries.

WHITE is for cleansing, peace, protection, healing, truth, divination, tranquility, purification, childhood, innocence.

BROWN is for stability, integrity, justice, sensuality, endurance, animals, concentration, grounding, earth, neutrality, strength, grace, decision-making, pets, family issues.

GOLD is for the God, vitality, strength, success, action, courage, confidence, solar deities, summer, wealth, employment, masculinity, sun, power, daylight hours.

SILVER is for the Goddess, spiritual truth, intuition, receptivity, psychic ability, stability, balance, moon, inner self, femininity, night.

GRAY is for vision, neutrality, absorption of negativity, anger, greed, envy.

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