5-7 Days Solid Color & Spell Candles

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 Candles help us create a close connection with the spiritual and mystical world by illuminating our thoughts and auras. Scented and colorful candles are widely used in rituals, prayers and petitions.

These candles will enhance anyone’s spiritual connection, to the spiritual world combining the elements of Fire and Air with exclusive oil blends that Earth Created with specific intentions of each purpose.

When you light these candles focus on the intention, prayer, and special request. These candle add in helping to rise the vibration of your wishes and carry them to be heard and attended to under divine grace.


RED- is for sexual love, lust, passion, fire, willpower, courage, energy, strength, anger, blood, life cycle, desire, war.  

ORANGE- is for courage, pride, ambition, enthusiasm, energy, friendship, communication, success, opportunities, attraction, willpower, sun, adaptability, zest for life, imagination.  

YELLOW- is for joy, vitality, intelligence, study, persuasion, charm, creativity, communication, sun, mind power, psychic ability, attraction, examinations and tests.  

GREEN- is for abundance, growth, healing, prosperity, fertility, employment, luck, jealousy, personal appearance, neutralizes difficult situations, calming, finances, security, career.​  

BLUE- is for truth, tranquility, protection, hope, honor, change, psychic abilities, sleep, dreams, peace, healing, fidelity, unity, astral projection, virgin goddesses, wisdom, knowledge.  

PURPLE- is for growth, self-esteem, psychic ability, insight, inspiration, spirituality, success in business, power, mild banishing, ambition, inner strength, physical fitness. 
PINK- is for compassion, tenderness, harmony, affection, love, romance, spiritual healing, spring, household peace, honor, virtue, morality, success, contentment.
BLACK- is for divination, banishing, absorption of negative energy, protection, binding, limitations, loss, confusion, defining boundaries.
WHITE- is for cleansing, peace, protection, healing, truth, divination, tranquility, purification, childhood, innocence.
BROWN- is for stability, integrity, justice, sensuality, endurance, animals, concentration, grounding, earth, neutrality, strength, grace, decision-making, pets, family issues.  ​

GOLD- is for the God, vitality, strength, success, action, courage, confidence, solar deities, summer, wealth, employment, masculinity, sun, power, daylight hours.​

  SILVER- is for the Goddess, spiritual truth, intuition, receptivity, psychic ability, stability, balance, moon, inner self, femininity, night.

  GRAY- is for vision, neutrality, absorption of negativity, anger, greed, envy.