Rock Shop

Our rock shop has hundreds of 
gemstones, minerals, crystals and fossils.
We also provide store-use books and some for sale for reference materials 
to help you learn more about them.
Amethyst – Protective, Healing, Supports Sobriety, Enhances Memory, Calming, Balancing, Cleansing, Promotes Love, Enhances Psychic Abilities
Aventurine – Encourages Prosperity, Reinforces Leadership, Promotes Compassion, Calms Anger, Protects Heart Chakra, Enhances Creativity
Bloodstone – Healing, Banishes Negativity, Heightens Intuition, Revitalizing, Dispels Confusion, Reduces Impatience, Stimulates Dreaming
Carnelian – Grounding, Stimulates Creativity, Gives Courage, Improves Analytical Ability, Encourages Sexuality, Cleanses Other Stones
Citrine – Cleansing, Energizing, Attracts Prosperity, Raises Self-Esteem,
Protective, Enhances Concentration, Overcomes Depression
Emerald – Inspiring, Enhances Love, Eliminates Negativity, Protective, Enhances Psychic Abilities, Imparts Mental Clarity, Stimulates Cooperation
Fluorite – Protective, Cleansing, Healing, Grounding, Awakens Spirituality, 
Overcomes Chaos, Improves Coordination, Stabilizing, Reveals Truth
Garnet – Inspires Love, Benefits Sexuality, Energizing, Brings Courage, 
Sharpens Perception, Removes Inhibitions, Restores Self-Confidence
Hematite – Grounding, Protective, Restores Peace, Enhances Willpower, Overcomes Compulsions, Boosts Self-Esteem, Aids in Legal Situations
Jade – Increases Love, Protective, Attracts Good Luck and Friendship, Promotes Self-Sufficiency, Cleansing, Stimulates Ideas, Stabilizing
Kyanite – Aids Meditation, Stimulates Psychic Abilities, Aligns Chakras, Encourages Self-Expression and Communication, Cuts through Ignorance
Lapis – Opens Third Eye, Stimulates Enlightenment, Enhances Dreams, Releases Stress, Harmonizing, Encourages Self-Awareness, Amplifies Thought
Malachite – Amplifies Energy, Protective, Clears and Activates Chakras, Encourages Change, Healing, Alleviates Shyness, Teaches Responsibility
Moonstone – Enhances Psychic Abilities, Heal the Emotions, Soothes Stress, Encourages Lucid Dreaming, Balances Male/Female Energy
Onyx – Gives Strength, Centering, Aids Learning, Holds Physical Memories, Alleviates Fear, Imparts Self-Control, Promotes Stamina, Integrates Duality
Pyrite/Fool’s Gold – Energy Shield, Promotes Diplomacy, Boosts Confidence, Energizing, Improves Memory, Healing, Enhances Creativity, Alleviates Despair
Clear Quartz – Most Powerful Healer and Amplifier, Enhances Psychic Abilities, Programmable, Aids Concentration, Harmonizes All Chakras and Subtle Bodies
Rose Quartz – Brings Unconditional Love and Peace, Purifies the Heart, Healing, Promotes Receptivity, Encourages Forgiveness, Restores Trust
Sodalite – Unites Logic and Intuition, Enhances Communication, Balancing, Brings Harmony, Heals the Mind, Enhances Self-Esteem, Stimulates Third Eye
Tiger Eye – Protective, Encourages Integrity, Grounding, Heals the Mind, Alleviates Depression, Stimulates Kundalini Rising, Promotes Clarity
Turquoise – Healing, Protective, Enhances Communication, Purifying, Enhances Meditation, Promotes Self-Realization, Assists in Problem-Solving
Black Tourmaline Root Chakra | Dispels Negative Energy. Guards Against Environmental Pollutants. Natural Stress Aid. Stimulates Optimism, Awareness, Happiness.