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23 July – 23 August

Leos are known for two traits. Their leadership and creativity. On top of this, Leos are usually driven and ambitious enough to accomplish their goals. They usually love the spotlight, and will extend themselves to get into it. Leos are passionate, both in romance and in their creative efforts. Their take charge attitude can help them come to the aid of their friends and loved ones, but unless it’s tempered with a self-control, Leos can overpower others around them. When they’ve mastered themselves, they can be a real inspiration to those around them. They tend to respond to things with action and movement, instead of with thoughts or feelings. They usually have a strong sense of the practical that lets them act effectively. Although they have a pretentious streak, and can be arrogant at times, Leos can also be a pillar of support to those around them.

Pendants come on Legend Cards with a 33 inch long cord

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